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Temperature reduction over distance by our different EcoJet models

SouthBee Corporation introduces the EcoJet Line of Climate Control – Evaporative Cooling Technology – to the US market. Our patent-protected, revolutionary break through has brought the cost of climate control down to earth. The EcoJet can reduce the temperature, indoors or outdoors. It can augment the capability of your existing cooling and heating systems, saving you up to 30% on your energy bills. The EcoJet does what other evaporative technologies only promise to do! The EcoJet will cool ambient temperatures, improve air quality and humidity levels, and reduce static electricity charge, all for pennies a day. Stay cool, feel better and save money!

The EcoJet uses a new technology, based an observation made by a Brazilian inventor Bill Schmidt had to find a way to cool his metalworkers who had to stop working every 15 minutes to drink water and cool off. He was watching a Formula 1 race on TV. It was raining hard and the racetrack was wet. He noticed how the fast-moving tires spun the water in a circular spray or mist, high into the air. That was the beginning of a two-year project.


The US patent-protected Centrifugal Force Baffle-Mechanism (CFBM)* that reduces water to a size 1/500 the head of a pin (4-8 microns). The centrifugal plate, with the blowback injector, throws the water onto the centrifugal plate, which spins so fast that it sends the water into the patented baffle system, at 45 MPH!
The water is broken down into a fine-mist, and then this water vapor is literally blasted into the jet-stream of the 1,700RPM fan blades behind the CFBM. That’s the secret. No high pressure pumps or lines are required and no special electrical wiring is needed. The mist is so fine that it will not wet your hair or glasses. No puddles, no leaks, no dripping on the floor.
This US patent-protected evaporative mechanism (CFBM), with its efficient and powerful electric motors and proprietary fan blades, creates the most economical and attractive cooling solution since the air conditioner. The EcoJet offers fixed installation units and a matching line of portable devices, using our sleek Tower-Pedestal reservoir, or our Low-Rider rolling reservoirs.
The EcoJet will cool, clean and hydrate the air. It will help to keep you cool when it is hot, and allow you to maintain stable humidity level indoors. Outdoors, it will bring incredible relief when it is hot and dry. It is like a spring rain, without the rain.
The EcoJet Climate Control units can operate as stand-alone devices, both indoors or outdoors. Indoors, the EcoJet Climate Control systems will augment the cooling capacity of a standard air conditioner, reducing electrical costs by up to 30%! Outdoors, the EcoJet will cool a hot day, like a spring rain would, but you will never get wet!
You have to see it, to believe it! Videos are certainly revealing. But you really have to see it and actually feel what this evaporative cooling system does, with a maximum electrical draw of 240W at 110VT. There is no other device, except a mammoth waterfall, that can do what this system does. What does it do?
Outdoors, the EcoJet Climate devices will cool any environment that is hot, dry and uncomfortable. The hotter and dryer it is, the better the EcoJet works.
People and animals feel better, work better and perform better in an optimal climate. You will learn about the amazing and diverse number of applications
that our customers have discovered and shared with us (Section V, pages 19-24).

In open or closed facilities, where the heat is intense and worker or animal safety and comfort are paramount, our equipment is the lowest-cost, best performing solution. We will explain the science later, but first, let’s see the equipment and how it works.

What is even more incredible is that EcoJet Climate Control devices are also being used in colder climates where frigid outdoor temperatures suck all the moisture out of the air. Office and work environments, bone-dry from gas-forced heat, become warm and comfortable. Many production environments and computer server facilities have to control the humidity, temperature and static charge.
The EcoJet devices are the most efficient and fast-acting humidifiers ever created. They hydrate the air, while removing particles, pollen, mildew and other allergens, much like a spring rain. The EcoJet moves the air better than simple ducting.

The reductions in employee downtime are undeniable. No more chapped, dry skin. Far fewer respiratory ailments, colds and flu. Our clients see immediate reductions in heating costs, as everyone knows that “it is not the heat, it is the humidity “.
Turn on the EcoJet and turn down the thermostat. Ho can the EcoJet do all of this? Simple.
Tap water and a maximum draw of 240 watts per unit. We will show you in more than 25 scientific, research and industry journals, that it is not magic. It is science!


For cooling, the wind is great. A gentle breeze on a hot day feels comforting and it brings a palpable sense of well-being. We will discuss how and why this is true. Yet when we talk about reliability? Forget it. You do not have to sit in the heat and wait for a cool breeze, when there is a solution – EcoJet- that costs less than $2.00 a day to operate. Yes, it is true. The equipment is not inexpensive. Yet the operational costs are comparable to a high-speed fan. The water may be the most expensive “fuel” you supply. More on the specifics later. We promise!

The Bottom Line

The EcoJet’s patented evaporative mechanism (CFBM) evaporates more water, more quickly and at a lower cost, than any other technology or device currently developed. Here is how it can save you or your company money, reduce employee downtime, make clients, athletes and livestock more productive, healthy and comfortable.

Most customers report a 20-30% savings in cooling costs.  Restaurants report a 15% average increase in revenue per seat, when using the EcoJet outdoors on a hot and dry day or evening. Athletes perform better and suffer from fewer  heat stress related injuries and illnesses, when they are properly hydrated and have a cooling device on the sidelines.  Almost every major team uses some type of fan or other device.

We at SouthBee, Corp., believe that soon, all outdoor athletic events, particularly in secondary and college levels, will require some form of cooling station.
It makes sense, and may play a part in OSHA compliance.

SouthBee, Corp. and Joape of Brazil have the only patent for CFBM technology.  We are pleased to announce that we have even found a company that is selling generic copies of our device; the highest form of compliment we could receive. Who illegally copies something that does not work!

In conclusion, the industry known as HVAC serves most of the needs of it’s clients.  But, until cost-beneficial-climate-control is seen as the real benchmark for industry success and deliverables, the world is only half-way there.

Design and Technology




Main Benefits
Main Benefits
Lines and Models
Lines and Models
Residential Lines
Residential Lines


Like a spring rain, the EcoJet cleans the air. The constantly circulating water mist of the EcoJet rehydrates the air and purifies it. The evaporating water reduces ambient temperature. This process also produces negative ions, associated with mood improvement. The water molecules tend to bond with mold, mildew and pollen, literally taking them down to the ground. The result is cleaner, cooler, more refreshing air. By helping to clean the air, the EcoJet also reduces the cost of HVAC maintenance.

Partly made in America
Partly made in America

The EcoJet uses a new technology, based an observation made by a Brazilian inventor Bill Schmidt had to find a way to cool his metalworkers who had to stop working every 15 minutes to drink water and cool off. He was watching a Formula 1 race on TV. It was raining hard and the racetrack was wet. He noticed how the fast-moving tires spun the water in a circular spray or mist, high into the air. That was the beginning of a two-year project.


Ask Our Customers…

Ask any indoor/outdoor restaurant owner, “How much it is worth to cool your customers by up to 10 degrees on a hot day or    evening?

What if the cost was less than $2.00 per day?”

Ask any office manager in Minnesota, or North Dakota, or Boston in January, “Would your workers be more productive and comfortable if the dry heat could be replaced with hydrated, cleaner air that is filled with the same ion charge found after a spring-rain?  What if it only costs pennies a day per worker?”

Ask any football coach in the Midwest, South or Southwest in July, “Would your team and players benefit from access to a jet-blast of cool, hydrated air?  What if you could reduce heat stress and fatigue for less than $2.00 a day?”

Ask any stable owner in the heat of the summer “Would your prized horses benefit from a cool jet of hydrated air in their stalls? If a cool and comfortable racehorse runs faster than a hot and sweaty racehorse, is it worth $2.00 a day?  Even if your horse does not race, isn’t a comfortable stall what you really want?”

Ask any 4-H or FFA member if their prized show-animal will show better if it is cool and comfortable?  We see fans in every stall at livestock fairs.  Would an EcoJet be a better solution?  Would absolute control of humidity and airflow be valuable?  If the owner could lower the temperature by 10 degrees, would that be worth the cost of 25 gallons of tap water?

Ask any factory owner that uses high temperatures in the production process, “Would your workers be more productive if they were cooler and worked in properly hydrated air? If you could reduce downtime by even 10%, would that be worth pennies a day per worker?” If you could reduce or eliminate static electricity, would that make your production environment safer and more productive?

The answer seems to be yes. A ten-degree temperature differential, with clean, hydrated, de-ionized air is a slam dunk. Everyone waits for a spring rain to cool down a hot day. The EcoJet is a portable or fixed installation spring rain, anytime you need it.  You are in control, not the sun or the wind.

It works for $1-$2 a day!

Physics meets Wall Street! The EcoJet is the solution for an important sector of climate control needs in many industries and applications.  It is the lowest-cost solution and it answers many needs.

We discussed the technology earlier in this document.  More about our customers.

Residential Customers

Patio and swimming pool owners in hot, dry climates.  One small, commercial EcoJet will provide a 3 x3 x 8 meter vector of acclimatized air, cooling the ambient air in this vector by 2-5.5C./5-12F. The air will be cooler, and the “wind chill factor” can make the actual “feel” of the air-jet, even cooler.

Imagine being able to sit comfortably by your pool, in the sun, and not feel like you are in an oven!  A continuous cool breeze on a hot summer’s day. Imagine that you are sitting in your home in the dead of winter, listening to the gas-forced air blowing dry air into the room. Do you have dry and itchy skin? An itchy nose? Perhaps you are wearing a sweater, even though the heat is on! All that could change in minutes. The EcoJet can and will deliver the comfort you need in winter and the cool hydration you need in the summer. All for less than $2 a day!

AGAIN PLEASE NOTE: The temperature drop is most effective in hot, dry climates in the Summer.  In the winter, the colder and dryer the outside air, the better the EcoJet works to keep you comfortable. The range of temperature differentials relates to the actual temperature and humidity level of the air.

Small Commercial Customers

The owners of bars, restaurants and shops, which operate in a hot, dry climate in the summer or in a cold, dry climate in the winter, can benefit from the EcoJet technology.  Our EcoJet devices will cool the indoor environment by the same range of temperature as they do outdoors. How else can the EcoJet help small businesses?

Many owners of restaurants, bars, gyms and garages would prefer to operate in an open – window, open-door environment in the summer. This is where the EcoJet can save precious energy dollars. Most of our customers in the 30 other countries where the EcoJet is being sold (see the map in the annex) actually turn their air conditioning off even when it is hot! The EcoJet actually works best in an open environment!  When temperatures are between 23C/75F – 30C/86F, with low humidity, you could simply turn off the A/C, open the windows,  turn on the EcoJet(s) and fill the seats! Our customers are doing this all over the world.

We have received customer testimonials from restaurant patio and outdoor bar owners that indicate up to a 15% higher revenue per seat/hour, when using the EcoJet. If your customers feel cool enough to sit down and have a drink, will they also order food?

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Outdoor Events

Any outdoor wedding, barbeque, reunion, church gathering, sporting event,
Amusement park or outdoor mall has to meet the demand for comfort. Everyone has been to an outdoor venue where it is just too hot. If there is a cooling station or a cooling area that you can simply walk through for relief, terribly hot becomes tolerably hot.

We discussed the pressure mist devices, which some of our competitors offer. When you are in the spray, it sure feels good.  But, spray-mist-only devices deliver cooling by actually getting you wet.  This is great at the park on a
summer day, but not in a restaurant. The high-pressure mist fans are good.  No doubt about it.

But high-pressure systems use lots of electricity.  The pumps are heavy, the units are heavy, and in some cases, they tend to drip, as the high-pressure nozzle cannot atomize water like the patented CFBM.  High-pressure mist devices cannot evaporate even close to the rate of the EcoJet. No matter how you slice it, the more evaporation a device can produce, the more cooling, the more hydration and the more purification it can accomplish.

High-pressure nozzles also become clogged if the water is soft.  The EcoJet never gets clogged.  The atomized water evaporates so quickly that your glasses will and hair will not get wet, even if you’re only five feet from the jet exhaust.  Foggy, yes, but dripping wet, never.

The EcoJet uses simple tap.  It draws no more than 240 Watts of electricity.  Our portable units will pump tap water from your reservoir or ours.  No water pressure is required.  No heavy gauge wiring is required. The EcoJet fixed installation models use unfiltered tap water, under a standard of 6 LBS (pressure of water from your home faucet).

The maximum draw of our largest industrial model EcoJet is only 240 watts,  less than 1/4th of most high-pressure-mist units sold by our competitors.

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Agriculture/Animal Husbandry

There are an estimated 300,000 horses (working and show) in the US which are perfect candidates for the EcoJet.  We have already provided a number of scientific journal articles in this brochure, showing you why.

We learned from the owners of Arabian stallions in the Middle East that prized animals live longer, run faster, get sick less often, and suffer from fewer skin-related ailments when they have an EcoJet in their stall.

Other customers tell us that their milk cows produce more milk. Here is an article from the University of Georgia that lays out the entire story, even showing you how and where to install our EcoJet.

Chickens get fatter faster, and the mortality rate for poultry will be significantly reduced.  Our units often pay for themselves in less than year.

We are developing literature that will support our customer’s claims. Anecdotal information  cannot be used as proof of any claim. But, please review the documents and resources provided, so you can see the real world experiences of farmers and livestock producers like yourself.  If you decide to use the EcoJet,  tell us how it works,  even if it does not meet your expectations.  We will make it right, and we may be able to show you how to use a different strategy with the same EcoJet technology.

We understand that in large, poultry-raising environments,  too much moisture can change the guano into ammonia hydroxide, which may be harmful to the bird’s health.

Here is an article that states that this is a problem primarily for closed poultry-raising environments.   In fact, the EcoJet allows poultry-raising farms to open up the environment, as it can effectively cool outdoors.  This seems like a win-win.  This is a question we need your help to better understand. We would appreciate your input.

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Athletic Events and Venues

This is where the “rubber meets the road”. There is no summer athletic environment who would not benefit from the EcoJet technology. Every school (18,000 high schools and colleges in the US.) has to meet the more rigid criterion for safe student athleticism. Every advanced team-environment, where the practices are held outdoors in the heat, must find a way to keep the athletes hydrated, inside and out. There is no better, low-cost solution than the EcoJet.

We believe that at least one EcoJet will be on every sideline, in every dugout, and on every athletic field in the US. The exact same benefits which a $Million dollar racehorse enjoys, can benefit players and teams at all levels of athletics. Stay cool, stay energized and stay hydrated. Stay in the game longer, play better and recover faster. That is a winning ticket, and that is what the EcoJet Climate Technology can offer. If you agree and you have a plan on how to bring this message to HS athletics, you may be an ideal partner for SouthBee, Corp.

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Industrial Production

We tend not to throw names around. But, if Pirelli Tires, GM and Ford in Brazil use our devices and keep buying more, then there must be something going on. Google and Ecolab use EcoJet Technology. If you would like to see a list of our customers throughout the world, see the appendix (EcoJet client list).

What do they see in the EcoJet?

The inventor of the Patented EcoJet evaporative mechanism, Mr. Guilherme (William) dos Santos Schmidt of Brazil, developed this technology because he had metal fabrication workers who were spending more time drinking water

and catching their breath, than actually working in the terrible heat of a tropical summer. It is dangerous and unproductive for personnel to work in high-temperature environments. The downtime and physical stress of these industrial settings has to be mitigated.

We told you about the Formula 1 Race, and how this all came about. In the end, the EcoJet reduced the downtime for Mr. dos Santos’ workers by almost 40%!

Imagine if you could increase productivity, even if by just 10%, and imagine if you could decrease your workers’ sick days or non-holiday days off?

The EcoJet can help to meet OSHA safety requirements in metal foundries, factories, plastic manufacturers and restaurant kitchens. Wherever there is environmental heat-stress for home-owners, patrons, clients or workers, the EcoJet Climate Control System offers concrete benefits that can easily be monetized.

Watch the videos

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EcoJet has 3 lines that specially designed for bars, restaurants, supermarkets, warehouses, offices, fitness centers, bakeries, fruit stores, fish market, printing stores, dry cleaners, beauty parlors, schools, clubs, churches, horse ranches, greenhouses, poultry farms, tobacco farm, hydroponics, etc.

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