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SouthBee, an US company based in Florida is now exclusively working with Joape.


After researching the market, developing partnerships and improving the products and solutions offered by Joape, a new line was launched, specially made for America.

EcoJet was developed to cool the ambient temperature up to 20 degrees.  The actual “fee” can be a lot more than that , according to each user and its sensation.

The revolutionary CFBM evaporative technology is better than any other evaporative cooling. See and feel our EcoJet’s for yourself, then you will understand. 

The EcoJet operates, using simple tap water and ½ the electricity of a small hair dryer. You control the water mist flow, according to your need, you control the environment for your customers and for yourself. Never drips, no one ever gets wet.

The EcoJet cools the air, cleans the air & hydrates the air. How cool is that?

The pedestal reservoirs can be private-labelled with your logo, so the EcoJet both cools and sells your brand.

We offer fixed-installation models as well as portable units, used with our 18 gallon “Shorty” reservoir or with the taller version of it, the 26 gallon tower reservoir. These pedestals have hi-quality casters, for easy movement and a tru-lock, so it stays put. We offer the EcoJet in different sizes, the exact needs of our customers. The EcoJets are US patented, have a 1 year warranty, and are partly made in Brazil and in the US.

The jobs stay here. Add water based fragrances for odor elimination or put that cinnamon bun smell in your restaurant or bakery. The possibilities are endless. The solution is finally here.

What do they see about the Ecojet?

The inventor of the Patented EcoJet evaporative mechanism, Mr. Guilherme Schmidt dos Santos from Brazil, developed this technology because he had metal fabrication workers who were spending more time drinking water and catching their breath than actually working in the terrible heat of a tropical summer. It is dangerous and unproductive for personnel to work in high-temperature environments. The downtime and physical stress of these industrial settings has to be mitigated.

Inspired by Formula 1 Race wheels mist generation when it was raining, he could come up with this worldwide known patented system. In the end, the EcoJet reduced the downtime for Mr. dos Santos’ workers by almost 40%!

Imagine if you could increase productivity, even if by just 10%, and imagine if you could increase your workers’ comfort and satisfaction?

The EcoJet can help to meet OSHA safety requirements in metal foundries, factories, plastic manufacturers and restaurant kitchens. Wherever there is environmental heat-stress for home-owners, patrons, clients or workers, the EcoJet Cooling System offers concrete benefits that can easily be monetized in many different ways.