Problems and Solutions

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  • For reservoir fans, check if the water pump is connected to the water line. For the wall mount fans, check the bottom of the fan and verify the pump tubing connection to the mist valve.
  • Verify if there’s no air inside the water tubing that is preventing water to flow. Turn the equipament on and off repeatedly and/or pump the air out to allow water flowing.
  • Make sure the device is connected to the water line.
  • Make sure the mist valve is open.
  • Clean the water pump.
  • The inner valve may be clogged.
  • Check the float regulation.
  • Network overpressure.
  • The mist regulation valve may be too open.
  • There may be dirt in the winged reservoir.
  • Make sure the outlet and its power grid has enough power capacity to feed the fan.
  • Contact Ecojet customer service for a new switch.
  • Revise power switch, electrical connections and loose wires and carefully make sure everything is tightened.
  • Contact Ecojet customer service for a new disc.

We recommend the replacement of the white plastic spinning disc in front of the equipment every 2 years from date of purchase to maintain the ideal performance of your misting fan.